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No Escape

An unstable leader, three vulnerable teenagers, and a merciless forest.

John moved to Vantage Point hoping for a fresh start. He had a new job, a new volunteer position with the local youth group ‘The Young Adventurers’, and a new place to call home. However, New Zealand is a small place, and news travels fast.

When a weekend trip away with three members of The Young Adventurers is potentially cancelled, an opportunity arises for John to prove to himself, and the inhabitants of Vantage Point, that he's a changed man. But deep within the mysterious West Coast forest, a series of unfortunate events results in the group fighting for survival, forcing them to come to the unsettling realisation that sanctuary can be a curse, and fear is always close.

Part 1 of the series, No Escape draws on inspiration from the stunning New Zealand scenery, Kiwi culture and the unforgiving wilderness to create a gripping and unsettling first installment into the dark world of Vantage Point – the small town that isn’t known for its happy endings.

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If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a nasty surprise.

Part 2 of the No Escape Series, the village rallies together to find the stricken Young Adventurers, but each passing minute pushes them towards another failed search and another set of grim statistics added to Vantage Point’s history.

The remaining leaders of the lost group are forced to put their difference aside as they scour the New Zealand wilderness, but deep within the west-coast forest, allegiances begin to unravel, and they soon need saving from themselves.

If you like haunted landscapes, tormented characters and a story that twists and turns its way to the very last page, then pick up a copy of The Search today.


A fortuitous find, an unfortunate encounter, and a score that is settled from beyond the grave.

During the New Zealand gold rush of the 1800s, Job and his son Thomas have toiled for too long within the depths of the Vantage Point mines. Hoping to strike it lucky and return to their West Coast home rich men, a chance discovery offers them the means of escape. But news travels fast in this cursed place, and some prospectors make their own luck by the misfortune of others.

If you like immersive settings, tormented characters and vivid hauntings, then delve into this novella and discover how the past doesn’t stay buried for long at Vantage Point.


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The devil’s in the detail.

It was meant to be an easy placement for Constable Ralph Jackson, trading the hustle and bustle of city policing for the slow beat of village life. It would be a chance to put his feet up for a few months, tick an experience box, and edge his career another rung up the ladder.

However, his expectations are immediately tarnished when he is assigned to two missing person cases. As he struggles to adapt to a slower pace of life, he begins to unearth something sinister that lurks below the surface of this sleepy mountain village.

While attempting to connect the dots, he acts on a hunch that leads him to confront an unexpected suspect in the hope of solving the mystery before the culprit strikes again.

A dark and unsettling instalment to Vantage Point lore that will play on your mind long after the paint has dried.